Connecting Communities

Connecting Communities

Raman Media Network (RMN) Company undertakes custom campaigns for brand promotions, corporate, government and political program promotions, and celebrity promotions. Our service is a combination of content creation and integrated communications using traditional as well as new-media channels.

The service offering packaged under our iManager brand helps companies leverage new-media including social media and realize the benefits of online communities. The service comprises the following components (for Web, mobile, online video, and traditional media channels):

Corporate Content: RMN Company offers its service to develop corporate content highlighting the company’s products, services, its core strengths, business processes, corporate environment, and so on. The content elements are created in a way to convey the right messaging to different stakeholders. The content thus created can be used on corporate Websites, blogs, annual reports, etc. for internal as well as external communications.

Advertising & Marketing Content: After developing the right brand messages, RMN Company creates various content components like microsites around a brand, e-DMs, rich-media ads, digital newsletters, e-booklets, content for Webinars, product literature, case studies, viral videos, and so on. It can also be the content for marketing communications, media communications, and public relations.

Online Community Building: With its specialization in new-media content and communications, RMN Company makes an effective use of public and private social media properties to build and manage online communities for brand management, human resource management, customer and business partner relationship management. We use the latest custom-messaging techniques for consumer engagement covering diverse markets.

Creative Content: In today’s information-driven world when most consumers are already facing information overload, it is extremely difficult to attract eyeballs using conventional content and communications models. So, RMN Company offers its premium content development services to attract more consumers and enhance their engagement with the brand. For this content, we use creative techniques like fiction, cartooning, illustrations, animations, short films, and so on for brand communications.

Web Content Management: Besides creating content for interactive Websites, RMN Company offers its services for analysis and reporting of user-generated content, user experience (UX) management, Web traffic analysis and management, content aggregation using mashup web applications, micro-blogging for instant messaging among target consumer segments, and so on.

E-commerce: RMN Company provides its end-to-end services to companies that want to embrace digital technologies to sell their products and services to consumers all across the world. Besides creating product-wise content, we help vendors set up their e-stores to sell products and accept online payments.


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