Digital Marketing Training Services for Businesses

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

In today’s connected business world, the demand for digital is greater than the supply because there’s a scarcity of digital marketing skills. It’s difficult for companies to create internal resources and there are not many digital marketing schools that can produce employable workforce.

To address the growing need for digital marketing and equip small and medium businesses (SMBs) with requisite skills, RMN Company has launched its digital education initiative i-Marketer.

As an extension to RMN Company’s Tech-Wise Knowledge Center for SMBs on its tech site RMN Digital, i-Marketer is a flexible corporate course that can be completed in 1 to 5 days.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

For details on this course, please visit this link.

One comment on “Digital Marketing Training Services for Businesses

  1. Catherine Trebble on said:

    You have really interesting digital marketing methods. Quite creative and entertaining.

    You should also consider adding mobile websites and mobile apps. More and more people are getting smartphones nowadays and it’s almost a standard to create a mobile website version alongside desktop websites. The same things goes for mobile apps.

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