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Guidelines for Writers / Contributors

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RMN Company invites independent writers from all parts of the world who could contribute their original articles for RMN Company’s online news properties. Here are the guidelines.

1. Carefully study the website or publication for which you want to write.

2. You should preferably choose those topics which are hot in the news.

3. By selecting relevant topics, you can write articles for the following news services:

RMN News – General News Service

RMN Digital – Global Technology Trends

RMN Kids – Edutainment Site for Children

RMN Stars – Global Entertainment Site

4. Your articles can be in the form of news reports, interviews, features, photo features, research reports, reviews, company / people profiles, and so on.

5. You will first send a synopsis (50 words or so) with proper headline to RMN Editor about the focus and the relevance of the article that you will attempt. You will be asked to write the full article if the synopsis is okay.

6. You will write your articles keeping in view the SEO requirements for which you can study the article written at this link: 10 Commandments to Do SEO

7. If the quality of the article is not up to the mark, you will be asked to refine it through iteration(s). Your article will be published if it is of an acceptable quality.

8. Your articles may be edited for certain editorial requirements.

9. Write in a neutral tenor without promoting a particular brand, company, person, or group.

10. Write totally original articles. DO NOT lift any text or picture from the Web or from other sources. Plagiarism will never be allowed.

11. All articles that you write will be the exclusive property of Raman Media Network (RMN) Company. You can share the links of the articles from RMN sites, but you will not republish these articles on any other site or publication.

12. For the RMN sites, your exclusive articles will be published under your byline and sometimes with your headshot. You will be given byline for some of the articles depending on their exclusivity. The decision to give byline will always rest with the RMN Editor.

13. Also, the decision to select or reject an article will always rest with the RMN Editor.

14. In some cases, you will be assigned to write articles or create content for our clients’ jobs. These articles or content will not be published on RMN sites and will go under RMN Company’s name.

15. The standard length of the article will be about 800 words.

16. If you know photography, you can also shoot relevant pictures for your articles with prior permission from the RMN Editor.

17. We will not make any payment to the writer. You can, however, promote your work by sharing your article links from RMN sites.

18. Once your article is published, you can share its hyperlink with attractive messages on your social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You can constantly expand your social network with your friends and others.

19. The writer’s introduction of about 50 words will be used at the bottom of the select articles. Here, the writer can give one hyperlink to their site, blog, or social media page.

20. We will also need writer’s postal address though it will NOT be published with the article.

Some Basic Writing Tips

1. Write short sentences in short paragraphs.

2. If you are using contractions, use them consistently.

3. Write 0-9 as figures and 10 onwards as words.

4. Do not write personal titles (Mr., Mrs, etc.) before a name.

5. Expand the abbreviation at its first occurrence in an article. Subsequently, use the abbreviated form.

6. Do not use any external hyperlinks in your articles except links from the RMN Company sites.

Interested writers can contact us with their article ideas.


Raman Media Network (RMN) Company

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