RMN Releases March 16-31, 2022 Issue of The Unrest Magazine

Photo: The Electronic Digital Display Board at the office of the Election Commission of India displaying the results of General Election-2019 for the public, at Nirvachan Sadan, in New Delhi on May 23, 2019. Photo: PIB (Representational Image)

The Unrest news magazine of the RMN Company covers economic and political upheavals in the world. 

In the latest March 16-31, 2022 issue of The Unrest magazine, you can read about a petition sent to the President and the Chief Justice of India for the removal of anti-corruption authority Lokpal under charges of non-performance and dereliction of duty. You can also read about the official negligence in addressing the complaint sent to PM Modi, as the PM Office (PMO) is not working properly.

Among other stories, you can read a report which reveals that 70% of the world population lives under dictatorship, a U.S. report predicts that PM Modi may use military force on Pakistan, a new “Catch Your MLA” service helps people of Punjab hold their MLAs accountable for their corruption and carelessness, India is rated a “Repressed” nation by a global research report, new beneficial ownership rules to tackle money laundering, UNESCO reports massive online violence against journalists, and farmers to resume agitation against the Modi government.

You can also read a number of other international stories that will inform you about the economic and political chaos happening in different parts of the world so that you could take steps to maintain peace and security.

You can download the latest issue of the magazine which is also reproduced below, and share it with your friends and colleagues so that they could support this editorial initiative. 

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