How Pathway Technology and Marketing Platform Works for Small Businesses

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How Pathway Technology and Marketing Platform Works for Small Businesses 

The Pathway platform is a growth-centric technology program that intends to help emerging businesses leapfrog in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

The Pathway platform is supposed to help startups and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow by adopting the latest technology and marketing strategies. In order to educate small businesses, Pathway collaborates with individual client companies as well as government departments and industry associations that have SMB members.

1. Collaboration with Client Companies

The Pathway collaboration particularly with client companies takes place in different consecutive steps, including:

Initial Contact: The Pathway team will call or send an email to the client company introducing the platform and the range of services it provides.

Online Meeting: Depending on the response from the client company, the Pathway team will hold a free-of-charge online meeting with the client for about 30 minutes to understand the scope of work.

Onsite Assessment: If the client company agrees to hire the Pathway services, the Pathway team will visit the client site (office, factory, etc.) to understand the company’s business and its market. If there is a need, the site visit can extend to multiple days. The client company will pay end-to-end cost of the site visit by the Pathway team and also pay an agreed amount for the visit to the Pathway team.

Input Collection: At this stage, it is assumed that the client has hired the Pathway service at mutually agreed financial and technical terms. Now the Pathway service will start collecting the raw inputs from the client and after about a week Pathway will start providing its services based on a distinct schedule.

Pricing Model: The client has the option to choose either the time-and-material pricing model or the monthly fixed-price model depending on the work involved. 

Advertising and Marketing: The RMN Company – which runs the Pathway service – offers various advertising and marketing options to client companies. You can click here to know the prices and other details.

2. Collaboration with Government Departments and Industry Associations

The Pathway collaboration with government departments and industry associations will be done on mutually beneficial terms. As the governments and industry groups want to support small businesses with various programs and schemes, the RMN Company will integrate the Pathway platform with their existing or new programs.

In this case, the Pathway team will approach the government departments and industry associations with the initial proposal. If they show interest, the Pathway team will understand their requirements through online meetings. When they hire the Pathway services, the Pathway team will visit those departments or association offices under a formal business arrangement.

Similarly, the Pathway services are being extended to ad agencies and public relations (PR) companies which are planning to create new revenue streams from SMBs or startups market.

The Pathway platform is being managed by Raman Media Network (RMN) Company.

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